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Who we are

Connecticut Association for Infant Mental Health, Inc. began its leadership work in 2001 and received its 501c(3) non profit status in 2009.  CT-AIMH offers professional development opportunities to those working with infants and young children and their families assisting them to support and enhance responsive relationships, to promote culturally sensitive practice, and to reflect on their work with families and their young children.

CT-AIMH promotes competency in the infant/toddler/family workforce by offering an Endorsement in Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health®.  Connecticut is one of states and multiple countries to offer this endorsement that was initiated by the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health and in 2006 received the Annapolis Coalition for the Behavioral Health Workforce award for innovation in workforce development.


CT-AIMH works to promote, support, and strengthen nurturing, quality relationships for infants, young children and their caregivers, within the context of family, community, and culture.

Impact Statement

It is CT-AIMH's hope that all infants and young children in Connecticut will experience nurturing, responsive care through strong relationships that ensure optimal social and emotional growth and development.

Mission Related Priorities:

(1) Increase the competency and capacity of the workforce serving infants and young children and their families.
(2) Engage increasingly and visibly in public policy advocacy.
(3) Raise public awareness of the importance of promoting the mental health and wellness of the most vulnerable young children in Connecticut.