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These initiatives define the Board of Directors committees. Please contact us if you are interested in joining any of the following committees. You can email us at ctaimh@yale.edu

Advocacy and Public Awareness:

  • Focusing on raising public awareness of and advocating on behalf of infant and early childhood mental health issues.
  • Advocating for integration of infant/eary chidhood mental health knowledge/services into all infant/early childhood programs statewide.
  • Advocating for expansion of intervention and therapeutic options for young children and families.
  • Raising public awareness of the importance of addressing the mental health and wellness of the most vulnerable young children in CT.

Fund Development:

  • Generate earned income, contributed income
  • Establish a stable funding stream
  • Seek funding opportunities (grants, sponsorships, in-kind contributions)
  • Expand sponsorship opportunities
  • Seek private grant funding for strategic initiatives
  • Seek opportunities to generate earned income from fee-for-service offerings and/or sale of goods (trainings/conferences, educational materials, endorsement program)
  • Increase net revenues from major conferences/trainings
  • Offcer current and/or new services for a fee
  • Organize and implement a major fund-raiser/event

Marketing and Membership:

  • Spread the word about CT-AIMH and its role/impact; and on increasing individual organization members who support the Association
  • Raise public awareness of CT-AIMH’s mission and impact by raising the organization’s profile
  • Invest in marketing: keep website updated, develop promotional materials, create and disseminate educational materials
  • Develop an informational and marketing campaign to embed an understanding of early emotional development into all early childhood services
  • Expand and meaningfuly engage membership

Organizational Development and Effectiveness:

  • Help the Board transition from an exclusivey volunteer-led organization to one that effectivey
    balances volunteer support with paid professional staff.
  • Develop a 5-year human resources plan: paid, part time, contract
  • Reexamine governance structure of the organization to rebalance tasks carried out by volunteers and those performed by staff

Professional Development:

  • Advance professional development and capacity building related goals of the association, particularly with respect to competency guidelines and endorsement (this is currently the Competency Planning Consortium)
  • Continue to sponsor/offer high-quality conferences, workshops and forums
  • Partner with other training providers


Competency Planning Consortium

Competency Planning Consortium is a sub-committee of our Professional and Research Promotion initiative and works to promote the Competency Guidelines that lead to Endorsement. This consortium is chaired by our Endorsement Coordinator. Please contact us to join this Consortium.

Endorsement Team

This Committee is composed of the initial people to become endorsed in Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health®. The Endorsement Team plans for the advising and reviewing of portfolios and exams that may lead to Endorsement. Please contact us if you have questions for this team.